The main goal of the archivum is to introduce memories that are connected to the history of the Hungarian Jews. The documents are mainly from those things that have been acumulated during the life of a individual or a family. Our main task is to preserve, analyze and publish these documents. We consider the collection the personal oral memories to be our task as well, because among us ther are the witnessen of the rough and many times tragic history of the past few decades. We belive that the learning the 'microhistory' of an individual brings it closer to get to know and understand the whole in one. We kindly as everybody, who agrees with the aims drawn here and have personal or family documents and willing to make them available to the archivum, please report. The charasteristic grups of documents are photos, postcards, official document, memories regarding religius life, amateur films, diaries letters and tapes etc. We archive, classify, issue, analyze the garanted documents. If somebody does not wish to renounce to keep the memories - eg.: because their being personal or having amotional attachment to them - we copy and give them back.

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Teacher editors:  Dr. Simon Mári  Oláh Lajos

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